• Proven to promote safe rider behavior.
  • One hour install per escalator.
  • Tamper resistant, UV Resistant, Fire resistant.
  • Residue-free removal.
  • Easy to clean.

RailEyes handrail graphics are durable. It makes escalator handrails beautiful, safe, and powerfully effective at capturing rider attention for the whole escalator journey. RailEyes utilizes a two layer product that has been designed specifically for the escalator and lasts up to a year after install.

PROOF OF CONCEPT: Only two of the three escalators have RailEyes graphics on the handrails… It’s the only two that visitors choose to ride.

Eyes off the phone and on the moving handrail!

Escalator handrail graphics and advertising get at least 30 seconds of undivided attention.


- Captivating as riser graphics rise from the ground

- Floor graphics indicate safe place to stand

- Long lasting, up to three years

- Includes full deep-clean of escalator

Steps and Risers Art

RailEyes is the only company in North America to offer step and riser graphics in addition to handrail graphics for escalators. It is the combination of the three that can improve rider safety on escalators up to 92%! This is accomplished by using color and moving images to bring the rider’s attention to the moving parts of the escalator, causing a modification in the behavior of the rider that leads to fewer accidents.


Click below to find out more information about our product and how it can look in your venue

RailEyes helps organizations engage and protect their customers in private and public spaces ranging from airports to shopping malls to sports arenas, providing your brand with a targeted reach that’s guaranteed to gain more strategic visibility.

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