Our Focus is on Keeping You Safe

A Message from our Founder:

Dear Visitor,

From the day we opened for business in June 2015, RailEyes took pride in our ability to transform plain escalator handrails into works of art that were effective at branding and advertising. As of 2018, our mission changed when we recieved results of studies proving that the combination of graphics on escalator handrails, steps, and risers improved rider safety by up to 95%, regardless of what was printed! This was possible because it was the novelty and intrigue of the graphics alone that allowed for tiny subconscious, yet impactful, changes in behavior that made the escalator journey safer. Changes such as an increased desire to hold the handrails, more attention paid to ingress and egress, increased clarity on escalator borders and direction, etc.

These findings gave the company a new purpose: to champion for safe escaltor ridership through beauty on the moving parts, rather than the old tired warning signs on the static parts. Since COVID-19 impacted the world, we realized we can further help the spread of the disease with new applications of our exclusive materials and social distancing messaging on escalators and other high touch points. A better escalator experience and worry free touchpoints; RailEyes is here to serve.


Our Focus is on Keeping You Safe

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