Boulder Booming in Building a Business

With a population of 108,090, located 30 minutes northwest of Denver and home of the breath-taking Rocky Mountains, it’s no wonder that Boulder, Colorado is ranked No.1 in 2016 for best city for entrepreneurs from Livability. Boulder is a small city which houses the University of Colorado with blossoming innovation, open-minds and supportive community; a perfect place to start a business. According to Kauffman Foundation in August 2013, Boulder had six times more high-tech startups per capita than the nation’s average in 2010. These five reasons will convince you to make Boulder, Colorado your next startup destination:

  1.   Lifestyle: Many people have heard of Boulder for a plethora of reasons: the beauty, the outdoor adventures, the friendliness of the people, but what about their relaxed lifestyle? Not only is Boulder a comfortable place to live, it accesses the big-city living of Denver, without the big-city hustle. Compared to many of the stresses that large-cities like New York and Los Anglos create, Boulder has all of the big-city highlights without the big city feel.
  2.   Work-Life Balance: Use to working twelve-hour days? Think again. Most “Boulderites” may come into the office earlier in the morning in order to take a longer break in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful outdoors; the definition of work hard play hard. Didn’t think this was possible? Welcome to Boulder.
  3.   Support System: Many people say that success is a reflection of the people you surround yourself with; Boulder is that support system. A key reason Boulder is extremely successful is the supportive community, often willing and eager to help anyone get off the ground. Everyone is very gracious with their time, approachable and enthusiastic to network.
  4.   Innovative Inhabitants: The average age of Boulder’s citizens is 28 which breathes life into this city. Along with being younger, innovative and motivated, 39.8% of the inhabitants have an advanced college degree, 33% have a bachelor’s degree and 15% have some college experience. Enjoy a city with not only the beauty, but the brains too.
  5.   All Smiles: The whole culture of Boulder is free-spirited, enthusiastic about life and motivated in and out of the office. It’s one of the only places that provides a healthy work ethic and a happy personal life.

Convinced? Boulder has all the aspects that entrepreneurs dream of; the sights, the work ethic and the people. What’s not to love?

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