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COVID-19 has thrown many universities in for a loop as it forced many educational institutions to close down in the middle of March. Students have had to move back home, sports games have been temporarily halted, classes have had to move online, universities nowadays look like isolated ghost towns. As universities are scrambling to find creative and new school COVID solutions to tackle the upcoming school year, there may be, at the very least, one optimal solution to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 among college campuses. If restrictions and caution procedures are not safely implemented by the time universities want to officially reopen school, there may be a higher surge in cases than now.

With the sudden spike in cases nationwide, cleaning products, hand sanitizer, and any other protective products have been in huge demand. But surfaces cannot clean themselves, and disinfecting after every person passes by is infeasible. For lasting school COVID solutions, TouchPoint can be the answer to what universities need in order to stop the spread of microbes. TouchPoint is a self-cleaning, antimicrobial surface that can be applied onto any hard surface. It uses the highest-grade heavy-duty urethane film that is embedded with silver nanoparticles that kill microbes upon contact. TouchPoint is perfect for door handles, buttons, desks, handrails, and any other surface that comes into contact with people. Additionally, TouchPoint is anti-tear, scratch resistant, and can last up to two years after installation. 

TouchPoint is an adhesive and is easy to peel off and replace. The film is extremely malleable and can be manipulated to fit a variety of surfaces. Door knobs, bus poles, chairs, any surface that has curvatures, TouchPoint can easily be placed over. 

However, if universities were to utilize TouchPoint, the slow of any bacteria, not just COVID-19, will be slowed down and chances of catching any virus would be reduced. TouchPoint is certified by the SIAA, a Japanese organization where manufacturers and antimicrobial testing institutions of antimicrobial agents. TouchPoint meets the highest standards of antimicrobial properties and eliminates more than 99% of microbes that come into contact. For instance, if a student were to touch a door handle covered with antimicrobial film, then the next student who touches that same door handle would have a cleaner, safer surface that has in essence disinfected itself. During this time and age, we need more solutions like TouchPoint to prevent others from getting sick. 

Universities have a variety of functions to them and it is important to protect each function from the risk of COVID-19. Universities are not only a place where students learn and interact with each other, but also a place for research, medical help, housing, etc and an institution that employs thousands of workers for different responsibilities. A whole plethora of people in a community would be at risk for the virus. This is why universities need to act now in order to provide a safe environment for students who may be coming back on campus for the upcoming school year.

Social distancing, masks, and personal hygiene are necessary for the new normal to keep people safe and eventually reopen. But more procedures and precautionary measures may be needed to fully prevent the spread of COVID-19 among college campuses. It is important to be vigilant about the current state of the country regarding this deadly disease and look at the data, statistics, and facts before reopening any institutions. Ultimately, while TouchPoint may not be the answer to solving the prevention of COVID-19, TouchPoint is an extra layer of safety that may pacify some concerns and worries about COVID-19.

Jessie Chang

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