Why RailEyes?

Are Escalator Handrail Advertising Campaigns Effective?

245 million people ride escalators in North America each day. Ads on handrails can engage a captive audience for up to 30 seconds. RailEyes helps your brand engage with its customers on escalators in airports, shopping malls, subway and railway stations, sports arenas, and exhibition halls.

We provide full service acquisition and placement for ads that can feature national brands, building tenants, or even special events. 

Escalator Ads are a Unique Experience!

Eye Catching Display

RailEyes escalator advertising solutions offer your customers a visual and physical experience.


Escalator Ads are Intelligent!


Strategic Targeting

RailEyes escalator ads provide your brand with a targeted reach that’s guaranteed to gain more strategic visibility. Reach more customers with targeted messaging that strengthens your brand awareness.

Escalator Ads Attract Attention!

Increase Sales and Foot Traffic

Numerous studies have demonstrated the ROI of escalator and handrail advertising from increased sales and foot traffic.


The RailEyes Guarantee

As pioneers of a new type of media, RailEyes seeks to earn the trust of properties and advertisers nationwide. We thus offer a guarantee that our product that will be free of defect, and our services will be focused on making your escalator a safer, interactive, and artfully eye-catching experience.


RailEyes can install your film on an escalator in about an hour and remove in half an hour. 


RailEyes advertising film is non-toxic and has antimicrobial properties. 


RailEyes advertising film protects your escalator handrails and is easy to remove and install multiple times with no damage or residue on the handrail.


RailEyes solutions pays for itself by driving up sales and getting your brand noticed in positive ways. 

Escalator and Handrail Advertising Products


 Get noticed with the innovative technology that will have your target audience buzzing

Create sleek, professional customizable designs

Increase sales and foot traffic

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Attractive Designs

 Enhance and beautify your escalators with our custom escalator designs and make your customers smile!

Create your own look or utilize our services

Increase safety and hygiene for escalator riders

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Escalator Owners

Generate revenue by becoming one of our location partners and beautify your escalators at the same time!

Installation and removal is fast, safe, and can be done outside of business hours

You’ll love working with RailEyes

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