Custom Size TouchPoint Antimicrobial

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RailEyes Touchpoint ™ is a robust 3M + silver ions embedded + continuously self-cleaning + antimicrobial film that is

  • durable,
  • scratch resistant,
  • easy to apply,
  • leaves no residue (upon removal), and
  • lasts up to 2 years.

Embedded with a slow-release silver-based pesticide that is registered and approved by the EPA to inhibit the growth of certain microbes that may affect this product.

TouchPoint can be customized for the any size you want. It goes on smoothly to provide durable protection and peace of mind to any surface you intend on keeping safe from germs. The transparent look and feel of the product adds to the attraction of the film. Compatible in both dry and wet conditions. Application is very simple, just peel and stick for a smooth application.

The film itself comes in three types:

  1. 100 % clear transparent film that allows for any images/words to be clearly visible while still providing protection.
  2. Clear plus printed with antimicrobial logo film providing users with the peace of mind that the surface is antimicrobial in nature and thus safe to touch.
  3. Full color/opaque with an image/logo of your choice. Comes in two layers, a print layer and clear layer, already combined for easy install.
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0.19mm Thickness


Clear, Clear with Watermark, Custom Image Full Color


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