With a bachelor's degree and the appropriate amount of experience, you can pursue voluntary certification credentials through The Wildlife Society. For federal job and employment information, check the USA Jobs website. A bachelor's degree is the minimum education requirement to become a federal wildlife manager or wildlife inspector, reports the FWS ( www.fws.gov ). Wildlife biologists study wildlife behaviors, habitats, genetics and population dynamics to learn more about the environmental effects of current or future land use. Complete an internship for a minimum of 2 hours: Complete either the following course or course group option: Complete at least 9 hours from the following courses: Biological Sciences Wildlife and Conservation Major B.S. All rights reserved. Note: 1000- and 2000-level courses not specifically required by the major will not count toward the BIOS hours requirement, but they may be used to fulfill University graduation requirements. To begin a career as a wildlife biologist, you'll need a bachelor's degree in a biological science field, such as wildlife science, ecology or environmental science. If you wish to educate others about conservation issues, you might find a rewarding career as a speaker at a zoo or an instructor at a junior college. However, an undergraduate degree related to wildlife management, zoology, animal science, and related fields may be enough to find a job educating others about wildlife conservation at national parks and … You may transfer in up to 90 credits from outside institutions. Which Idaho Colleges Offer Degrees in Biology? Wildlife Biology Degree Programs: Nowadays, the scope of knowledge of a wildlife biologist is vast.Almost all degree programs offered on the subjects teach ecology and conservation principles.. While an exclusive wildlife conservation college is hard to come by, there are plenty of accredited institutions that offer graduate and undergraduate programs related to the field. What Does a Wildlife Conservation Officer Do? Online Network Administration Degree Programs. What Degree is Required to Work in Wildlife Conservation. Tier II social science electives can be chosen to meet the requirements of the Environmental Studies Certificate program. The list may not be complete, and shouldn’t be interpreted as any type of accreditation or endorsement by The Wildlife Society. If you're interested in working with wildlife professionals to seek change in policies and regulations to further conservation efforts, including the protection of endangered species, you might consider pursuing employment as a wildlife policy analyst. This track is suitable for students who are interested in careers in the conservation and biology of wildlife. Students will graduate with a firm grasp on the biological sciences. There are many schools in North American that have special curricula related to the fields of wildlife conservation and management. Each institution on our list provided the initial information on its wildlife program. Online Master's Programs in Genetic Counseling, $63,420 (zoologists and wildlife biologists)**, $82,550 (postsecondary biological science teachers)**, Technical writing, environmental compliance, Data analysis, project management, research analysis, Zoos, outdoor wildlife facilities, schools. Below is an overview on how to become a wildlife or animal conservationist in some common sub-specialties: Sources: *Payscale.com, **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Graduates of this program meet the course qualifications for state and federal civil service registers as ecologist, wildlife biologist, wildlife refuge manager, zoologist, and general biologist. Change of Program Policy: Current Ohio University students who would like to declare one of the Biology majors must have a minimum Math ACT subscore of 20; equivalent Math SAT subscore (490 on tests taken prior to March 2016 or 520 on tests taken March 2016 or later); a minimum Ohio University math placement score of PL1; or a grade of "C" or better in equivalent courses to both BIOS 1700 and BIOS 1705 with a minimum accumulative Ohio University GPA of 2.5. A Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Wildlife and Conservation Biology will provide students with a specific, specialized understanding of the many ways that animals influence the world around them, while underlining the importance of conservation. Educational requirements for certification are listed in the Program for Certification of Professional Wildlife Biologists. Which Schools Offer a Degree in Fashion Merchandising Online? The curriculum provides a solid foundation for graduate study and meets requirement for certification by The Wildlife Society. A wildlife B.S. Additionally, a number of nonprofit wildlife conservation agencies employ writers, graphic artists, communications specialists, web designers and managers to help further raise awareness about current conservation issues. To complete this program, students must meet all University-wide graduation requirements. While an undergraduate degree is sufficient for entry-level careers, some positions may require a master's degree. Your wildlife conservationist degree options also vary depending on the specific profession you wish to pursue. View the College-Level Requirements for the College of Arts & Sciences. These will include typical wildlife conservation courses such as environmental law, wildlife management, and environmental ethics. Columbia Southern University responds quickly to information requests through this website. You may choose to study animals in their natural habitats as a conservation scientist or wildlife biologist. REVERSING AMERICA’S WILDLIFE CRISIS REPORT, Program for Certification of Professional Wildlife Biologists, Tracking devices decrease survival of migratory birds, Virginia snake ID “hotline” helps spare harmless snakes, TWS2020: Better understanding locals could decrease poaching in India, Eastern black rail, coastal martens listed as threatened, Beavers create fire-resistant forest patches, The Wildlife Society calls to reduce wild horse and burro populations, House passes America’s Conservation Enhancement Act. Click here to download a list of schools that we’ve compiled to assist you in your search.