Break up your schedule of keynote speakers, panels, and educational workshops with these out-of-the-box virtual event entertainment ideas that are sure to keep your attendees' attention. Think about sending some school swag that is helpful on campus and at home, such as a branded mask or a laptop case. For meeting with faculty, arrange a series of zoom meetings that students can pop in and out of organically, almost like they would in person. A password-protected landing page on your website is another great way to display all of the information for a virtual event — including access to pre-recorded content and live content. This is key to ensuring your organization stays at the top of your donors’ minds and remains relevant in their lives. In order to alleviate some of that stress, consider redirecting your communication strategy to focus on being humble and helpful rather than on constant fundraising asks. You can simply add this as a description at the top of your list. At Qgiv, we recently asked our clients about the common obstacles they’ve faced during the pandemic and creative fundraising methods they’ve tried that have worked for them. Karaoke New York-based creative and digital studio Little Cinema—which also recently launched a virtual photo booth product—can send your attendees their own wireless handheld microphone to get the party started with a virtual karaoke session, during which guests are encouraged to make requests, sing along, and share on social. Not only is this a loss of projected revenue for your organization, it’s also a disappointment for your potential attendees and donors. This makes use of peer-to-peer methods, too! Start a live stream on YouTube or Vimeo and have those attending bid in the comment section. A great way to ask for continued support during an economically turbulent time is to ask for in-kind donations. When organizations face an unprecedented event and are in dire need of support, making an emergency fundraising appeal is a direct way to emphasize that need and raise money quickly. 1. You will also need to select your platform, like Zoom, for participants to log on to. Simply make your Amazon wish list public and post the link in your various marketing materials. But you have options! In response, they created “mega-virtual troops” to keep the girls engaged while their regular programming was cancelled. It’s important to connect with donors without making a fundraising appeal, especially now. Continue to let them know about their past gift’s impacts to confirm they’re making a difference and inspire them to give again. You don’t have to be an expert to see this kind of a return. Another way to provide non-financial support to your mission is through volunteering. Reinforcing the ask by explaining how the pandemic is affecting your mission shows supporters that the need is still there and is more urgent than ever. Live streamed content is great for engaging attendees. All of these questions have an undertone of disappointment. How can you use volunteers when your regular in-person programs are on pause? 9am - 7pm EST, 888.855.9595 With Qgiv, you can: With a comprehensive platform like Qgiv, your virtual fundraising campaigns are easy to manage. For example, the Girl Scouts of South Carolina realized they wouldn’t be able to hold meetings with their troops or host their camps over the summer. If you’re afraid of making asks too frequently, remember that your donors are passionate about your cause. You came here for strategy. In order to set your virtual fundraising efforts up for success, it’s worth it to first review some best practices: Because the entire virtual fundraising experience happens online and through different platforms, it’s imperative you have a dedicated set of tools that can serve all your needs.