As Wakefield pursued that dream, he made a promise to a friend that, “If I ever make it to the big leagues, I’ll do great things for (her newly formed nonprofit pre-school) Space Coast Early Intervention Center.” Feeling he had been so blessed with gifts and opportunities, he was captivated by the vision of helping developmentally disabled children to be prepared for school. And I don’t think there are any hard feelings (Grady Little got most of those and rightfully so), but the fact remains that Tim Wakefield, for … The younger played 22 seasons, going 314-265 with 8 different teams, and was elected into the Hall of Fame in … As legendary manager Jim Leyland said, “It is like catching light in a bottle.”, Commenting on his approach then and now, “You can never become content where you are; you always have to be striving to move up the ladder. But he’s known first and foremost for a pitch he throws. To understand what is so deeply disturbing about Wakefield’s predicament, we have to look at his identity as a professional pitcher. Other prominent knuckleball pitchers have included Josh Turley, Joe Niekro (Phil's brother), Charlie Hough, Dave Jolly, Ben Flowers, ... On March 2, 2010, she trained with Tim Wakefield at the Boston Red Sox minor-league training facility. It is as if Wakefield is not as good or as bad as the pitch he throws. Jess p.s. Since that time, Major League Baseball has selected one player who epitomizes the highest ideals of on-field play and off-field charity and character to receive the Roberto Clemente Award. Here’s my... Statewide Ballot Question 3: Dog Racing Flag football. A remarkable eight times Wakefield has been nominated for the award and in 2010 he was its recipient. Walking off the mound, staring at the ground, it was difficult to tell what happened to Wakefield tonight. It is, by design, chaotic and erratic. A Florida native, born and raised in Melbourne, Wakefield was a baseball standout at Eau Gallie High and Florida Tech, where he was MVP as a first baseman in his sophomore and junior years. Let’s check it. When my performance was reviewed, they were going to let me go when Woody spoke up and said, ‘I think Wakefield has potential as a knuckleball pitcher.’”, Wakefield hadn’t pitched since high school and thought he just needed more time to adjust to this level of play. “I came in third that year for the Cy Young Award and have been with the Red Sox ever since.”. His cumulative contributions to the Red Sox since 1995 could stack up against any other player in the last two decades. Part of it was that I was grieving over the loss of my grandfather; we were very close. Feel free to comment with suggestions. A good knuckleball moves independent of its host’s release. A Wakefield start rests on the fate of the knuckleball. The national media treats a Wakefield outing a bit like a trip to the circus. No varified information has been found about Body Measurements. Hockey. In 2004, Boston pulled off a miracle by coming back in a seven game series after being down 3 games to beat their perennial nemesis the New York Yankees, winning four straight games, the last major hurdle before winning their first World Series Championship in over eight decades. No Information Found About Educational Qualification. There is, however, one award that Wakefield esteems above all the others. It was Joe Torre, the Yankee’s manager who took the Yankees’ to four World Series Championships. Required fields are marked *, Craig Technologies Names Chief Operating Officer, Bridget Mace Named Vice President of Growth & Development at Health First.