He was assassinated in 1965 in New York City. The Rising Tide of Color: The Threat Against White World-Supremacy (1920), by Lothrop Stoddard, is a book about racialism and geopolitics, which describes the collapse of white supremacy and colonialism, because of the population growth among people of color, rising nationalism in colonized nations, and industrialization in China and Japan. According to Stoddard, the brown man’s land was the Near and Middle East and stretched into northern Africa. 56,Road – 5C, Zone - 5, GIFT CITY, Gandhinagar, Taluka & District - Gandhinagar – 382 355 Gujarat, IndiaTel: +91 79 6777 2200/01/02/03/04 Fax: +91 79 6777 2205 Email: [email protected]. The End of White World Supremacy explores a complex issue—integration of Blacks into White America—from multiple perspectives: within the United States, globally, and in the context of movements for social justice. The May 7, 1921 Saturday Evening Post carried an editorial on immigration that said, “Two books in particular that every American should read if he wishes to understand the full gravity of our present immigration problem: Mr. Madison Grant’s The Passing of the Great Race and Dr. Lothrop Stoddard’s The Rising Tide of Color …These books should do a vast amount of good if they fall into the hands of readers who can face without wincing the impact of new and disturbing ideas.”. But another man, writing at the same time, also made that prediction. He called white expansion “the most prodigious phenomenon in all recorded history … Never before has a race acquired such combined preponderance of numbers and dominion.” Though most whites could not foresee it, Stoddard warned that hegemony was about to be challenged. The thought that this supremacy could end, “never entered the head of one white man in a thousand,” wrote Stoddard. Goods, tools, ideas, men: all were produced at an unprecedented rate. Indeed, in 1920 whites were the most numerous race on earth. Several of the speeches include a discussion with the moderator, among whom Adam Clayton Powell, or a question-and-answer with the audience. Must redeem within 90 days. Twenty years after The Rising Tide of Color was published, Europe again erupted into civil war. Bush explains how racial troubles in the U.S. are symptomatic of the troubled relationship between the white and dark worlds globally. Not arid Asia, nor worn-out Europe (which, with its peculiar and quaint relics and customs should in the interests of history and culture, be in any case preserved), nor yet tropical Africa is fit for our people. Stoddard quotes a Japanese imperialist pronouncement written in 1916: As for America — that fatuous booby with much money and much sentiment, but no cohesion, no brains of government … Well did my friend speak the other day when he called her people a race of thieves with the hearts of rabbits…. "—Julius Lester, The New York Times Book ReviewAn obligatory addition to the work. Stoddard warned that “Pan-Islamism, once possessed of the Dark Continent and fired by militant zealots, might forge black Africa into a sword of wrath, the executor of sinister adventures.”. Since white hegemony was maintained not by love but by respect and fear, Russia’s defeat by Japan was, in Stoddard’s view, “a body blow to white ascendancy.”, Japanese writers and government officials were not shy about drawing conclusions from their victory, and soon began turning western ideas of supremacy on their heads. The British undertook a genuine migration, bringing families who meant to stay, whereas Spanish men came alone to the New World for treasure and adventure and mated with Indian women. Between these two lay a category he called enclaves, where whites had settled but had not displaced the native populations. Ironically, it is not the “yellows” who are displacing whites so much as the “reds,” “browns”and blacks, from whom Stoddard expected no real challenge. Examples were India and Egypt. But North America, that continent so succulently green, fresh, and unsullied — except for the few chattering mongrel Yankees — should have been ours by right of discovery; it shall be ours by the higher, nobler right of conquest. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while Thus in 1920, at the time Stoddard wrote, the heart of the white world lay in ruins. The West has justified — perhaps with some reason — every aggression on weaker races by the doctrine of Survival of the Fittest; on the ground that it is best for future humanity that the unfit should be eliminated and give place to the most able race. The hammer of Asiatic invasion, clanging for a thousand years on the brown-yellow anvil, had tempered the iron of Europe into the finest steel. Ironically, this revival was aided by Western technology. "—Library Journal/. The supposedly permanent white colonies in Algeria and Tunisia were betrayed in the 1960s and Rhodesia and South Africa collapsed soon after. This would depend on how well they contained the spread of Islam. The End of White World Supremacy book. When, in 1965, Malcolm X was gunned down on the stage of a Harlem theater, America lost one of its most dynamic political thinkers. His major work, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy, was written in 1920 at a time when whites had colonized and ruled most of the world. Social Science > Ethnic Studies > General, Social Science > Ethnic Studies > African-American Studies, Book Cover Image (jpg): The End of White World Supremacy, full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Thus began the swarming of the whites, like bees from the hive, to the uttermost ends of the earth. Plus, receive recommendations and exclusive offers on all of your favorite books and authors from Simon & Schuster. The hard conditions of medieval life had disciplined him to adversity and had weeded him by natural selection. "—Library Journal “But the enduring appeal of Malcolm’s message . “The war was nothing short of a headlong plunge into race suicide,” wrote Stoddard. So, by action and reaction, white progress grew by leaps and bounds … For four hundred years the pace never slackened, and at the close of the nineteenth century the white man stood the indubitable master of the world. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! “It means the saddest downfall of the so-called western civilization; our belief that it was builded upon higher and sounder footing than ours was at once knocked down and killed; we are sorry that we somehow overestimated its happy possibility and were deceived and cheated by its superficial glory.”. Data Center Infrastructure segment includes state-of-art Tier III data center at GIFT City, Gandhinagar, fully equipped with redundant, dual-powered servers, storage, network links and high-speed processing capabilities.