If it’s once a month, so be it. The main objective of the Old Testament was to make people understand sinfulness and acceptance of their guilt, both at personal level and in front of others. I can relate to all the reasons for putting off confession. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Will the Real St. Matthew Please Stand Up. However, when it becomes possible to go to Confession, one must do so, and this intention needs to be there, at least implicitly, in the act of contrition outside the Sacrament; see the section above, and note the need for doing penance under obedience.) If it comes down to it, write your sin down, and just resolve to read it – that could help you get through it. It is insulting to the Lord to assume that He cannot work well through bad instruments – and clearly, He wanted to use mere men to do His work, even evil ones like Judas. can. Die missen wij ook vijf afleveringen bekeken en de laatste is niet uitgezonden is niet leuk voor de kijkers. De politie, onder leiding van inspecteur Steve Fulcher, begint een grootscheepse zoektocht om haar terug te vinden. There is much grace there and over time, if you do make a habit of it, confession will show you how much you lack—and how much God can give. “I didn’t know I had to go to Mass on Sundays”) it is practically impossible to avoid mortal sin without doing what the precepts tell us to do – that’s why the Church puts them forward: it is for our benefit. Maybe you can find other excuses – but if you are honest with yourself, you will find that they are always derived from a distrust of Christ and His Church, and/or inordinate self-reliance. I am so happy it was helpful… May the saints and Our Lord smile upon you! We put plenty of time and energy into all kinds of pursuits which are not even that important for our natural, temporal lives… Hobbies, socializing, getting ahead at work… Surely, we can muster the energy and make the time to drive to the local parish on a Saturday afternoon to put our souls in order – instead of watching television and surfing the internet. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. However, it is still completely insufficient, for a few reasons. When there are many people neglecting the sacrament in one place, such as in a parish, the devotional life will become more and more anthropocentric (no prayer before and after Mass, clapping for musicians, careless reception of the Eucharist, little tolerance for “challenging” homilies, a preoccupation with “being involved” with the Mass, etc. The idea is that it is “purer” to apologize to God directly and avoid the Freudian “release” of the confessional process.