"Y'know, the tunnel to the great beyond." In death I can finally step out of the shadows, and prove to myself that I existed, that I lived. Title: Bashir and O'Brien lure a Section 31 agent to the station in a desperate search for the cure to the disease that is killing Odo. Bashir accepts the dinner invitation, and reminds O'Brien that Sloan had the perfect bait for Bashir with all the information on Section 31, however the one thing that Sloan didn't count on was O'Brien getting him to leave. He makes it a request from him, to not have the last thing he sees be the pain in Kira's eyes. Sloan leads the two mind-travelers to a reception, being held in Sloan's honor in the wardroom, where he delivers a farewell speech to his family and friends, apologizing for all the pain he has caused in his life. Bashir moves quickly to stabilize Sloan before he does irreversible damage. No tears, please. (19 May 1999). Directed by Stephen L. Posey. The wounds are causing them physical pain, meaning that Sloan is sending sensory stimuli to their brains, as well as thought patterns. Having obtained the chemical formula for the cure, Bashir administers the drug to Odo. Bashir coolly replies that Sloan no longer has any say in the matter. From "Veronica Mars" to Rebecca take a look back at the career of Armie Hammer on and off the screen. Bashir tells Sloan that he is not interested in turning the latter over to security, then drops the force field and stuns Sloan unconscious with a phaser. This Sloan tries to tell the two the cure, which is a simple nucleotide sequence but the dominant Sloan personality is preventing him from telling them what it is. The turbolift eventually comes to a stop and then rapidly falls down some more. Aside from some brief discomfort, Odo is cured. O'Brien finds the correct tablet, and persuades Bashir to reluctantly walk away from the information. Was this review helpful to you? This FAQ is empty. They then seeā€¦ the light at the end of the corridor. Bashir wakes up (for real, this time) in science lab four with Sisko, Ezri, and attending medical staff. Bashir answer that if they told him, then he'd alert Starfleet Command and Section 31 would cover up their tracks and go even deeper into hiding once they realize they were discovered. All of the other episodes carry over plot threads and subplots that either develop existing narratives or set-up future twists. Odo persuades Kira to leave his bedside to accompany Damar back to Dominion space in order to help the Cardassian Resistance, for his sake as well as hers. They had wanted the show to deal with two major topics; the Bashir/Sloan story and the Bashir/O'Brien relationship, but as Weddle explains, ", Once the issue of who would be in the episode had been finalized, and how the episode was going to work, the plan was for Sloan's mind to be like a labyrinth, with dark corridors, hidden rooms and traps. Yet Bashir doesn't believe him and tells O'Brien to not to listen to him. With Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois, Nicole de Boer, Michael Dorn. Doctor Julian Bashir treats Odo in the Deep Space 9 infirmary, still unable to make any significant progress in curing his sickness. Bashir does not know but notes that they are not wasting any time getting there. He tells Kira that he knows how hard it was for her to watch Vedek Bareil die in this very infirmary, and he doesn't want her to see him die either. Sloan is dead, but Bashir has discovered the cure. Not the most pleasant devices, but very efficient." However, O'Brien realizes that it is one final ploy by Sloan, knowing that one of Bashir's deepest desires is to destroy Section 31. As O'Brien wishes he had written Keiko a goodbye letter explaining why he had to do what he did, Bashir confides that he loves Ezri passionately, but has never told her. Sisko then asks why they didn't tell him. I must say I'm a bit disappointed. Sloan, attached to the multitronic engramatic interpreter. O'Brien awakens, and promises that will be the last mind link he is ever a part of. Odo thanks Bashir for all his help, asking to be left alone to die. Here we go. Devastated, Bashir tells Odo that he has no hope of finding a cure. ", "You're in a restricted area." Extreme Measures is the closest thing to a standalone story within this epic ten-part conclusion to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. "Oh, I hope you can appreciate the irony of that statement. When Bashir is unable to disengage the mental connection, the two men fear they will die (in reality) because their minds are linked to a dying mind; they ponder friendship, marriage, love. This duty, which I carried out to the best of my ability, took precedence over everything else: my parents, my wife, my children. My death isn't a tragedy. Upon entering Sloan's mind, they are immediately greeted by his subconscious, which is more than willing to help them but is prevented by Sloan's higher brain functions from speaking. Later that night, Bashir is playing darts again in Quark's, and O'Brien comes by to invite the doctor to dinner. "They're also illegal in the Federation." "What? After he finishes, he prepares to give Bashir and O'Brien the cure on a PADD, but suddenly another Sloan appears, killing the first (cooperative) Sloan with a phaser, and running away down a corridor of Sloan's dying, yet still active, mind as cooperative Sloan's party disappears. When they activate the mind link, Bashir and O'Brien find themselves in a turbolift, which neither of them remember entering. Before Bashir leaves Quark's, he throws a dart from the entrance to the dartboard, which hits it bullseye. I cheated you all out of being in my life, and what's more, I cheated myself as well. O'Brien tells Bashir that he'll be ready. Still, I feel the need to apologize anyway. When Sloan sees no way to get out of Bashir's interrogation, he kills himself. Sloan is impressed, but indicates that turning him over to security won't do any good. They remember they were about to open a door before their false awakening, and realize the cure must be there. Later, Bashir tries to take his mind off the matter by reading Jadzia's copy of A Tale of Two Cities that Ezri loaned to him, but finds that after turning the page from where he left off, the book simply begins again from the start. Bashir and O'Brien lure a Section 31 agent to the station in a desperate search for the cure to the disease that is killing Odo. Dr. Bashir and Chief O'Brien go to some pretty extreme measures to try and track down a cure for Odo. However, the Art Department couldn't afford to build the new sets, so they suggested using existing, In an initial version of the script after the show had been changed to Bashir/O'Brien and Bashir/Sloan, the structure of the episode was very much split into two distinct halves; the first was a very dark and serious verbal duel between Bashir and Sloan, the second was a reasonably light-hearted O'Brien/Bashir adventure. Yes inception from Chris Nolan is a straight take on this episode, I feel robbed I thought inception was an original idea. They resist the urge to quit; instead, they regain their bearing, and prepare to open another door. He estimates Odo has one week, perhaps two, before dying. Odo appears to be in an advanced state of decomposition, yet this does nothing to dampen their love for one another. Sloan awakens in a science lab, immobilized with a force field encompassing his body. I lived in a world of secrets, of sabotage and deceit. Doctor Bashir reluctantly discloses his belief that Odo's sickness is a virus created by Section 31 intended to wipe out all Changelings, leaving Sisko shocked that people who call themselves Federation citizens are attempting to commit genocide.