However, this actually makes it a little more difficult to find seats in the shade because the 3rd baseline of Progressive Field is more likely to see shade than the other side of the stadium. The Lower Boxes at Progressive Field are located in Sections 250-257. The bleachers are large enough that you can sit close to the foul line, over in left-center, next to Heritage Park, or anywhere in between. The Upper Level overhang is little match during afternoon games, but it does help protect fans during the late afternoon and evening. To limit the obstruction, we recommend sitting on the right side of the section (closer to center field) which will be in the lower numbered seats. ", "A great view of the entire field. There are a number of fun activities are available for children of all ages in the Clubhouse, including Sliders Field, a two-story slide, and many different games. View from seats around Progressive Field. Free food and non alcoholic beverages. Shaded for 7:10 games. The one downfall here is that you won't get to rest your food and beverage on top of a dugout or a dugout suite, but you'll never need to bother another fan as you try to reach your seat thanks to the makeshift aisle created by the enormous legroom. 20 seats in a row. For adults, there is a viewing area in the clubhouse where you can still see the field. You still get the feeling that you're right in the action, but your wallet won't take as big a hit. Progressive Field Club Seats. Found only along the first baseline in sections 326-348, fans here have the distinct pleasure of the only non-suite views on the second tier of the ballpark, and excellent head on sight lines to the massive left field videoboard. Right Field seats will see the sun the longest, with sections 303-317 and 504-514 being exposed until the sun sets completely under the stadium. These double lettered seats are higher in the sections, helping to limit the distraction of the netting while providing a good seating height with expansive viewing range. This makes it difficult to find any shade. Although you obviously need a ticket to get admittance to the stadium, Progressive Field has a popular standing room sections that is worth visiting. Foul pole in front. Opt for seats in the first 7 rows (A through G) of sections 334-344 and you will be treated to excellent lines of sight to the infield while avoiding the difficult views of down the right field line which can occur in seats higher up in the sections. Next to away team on deck circle. Those seated closest to home plate in sections 152-155, 453-456, and 553-556 will have the best chance to avoid the sun if they are in one of the last rows of the section. By game time, the sun will have moved firmly behind the 3rd base stands, so everyone seated on this side of the ballpark will have their backs to the sun. Pictures don't do it justice!! The fans in this section are generally raucous and fun, which adds to the entertainment value of your ticket. These seats actually put you on the side of the visitors dugout, but unfortunately don't have great views into the bench thanks to the camera men stationed at the edges. Progressive Field is the home of the Cleveland Indians. Really high though", "Great seats, pretty close to the action", "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Cleveland Indians - Aug 3, 2019", Also known as the family deck, right by the kids club house, More affordable option beyond the right field wall, Close to the Indians dugout while still behind the protective netting, Easier access at the top of the lower seating tier, Family restroom and multiple concessions nearby, Covered seating in the double lettered rows, Excellent viewing angle to the large videoboard, Good elevated view from the first base side of the field, Inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages in addition to climate-controlled club access, Some of the best legroom in all of baseball from the Diamond Box Front Row, Amazing views incredibly close to the field, You'll never need to get up to let someone move through the seating row, Truly unique experience in a dugout style suite, As close as you can get to the batters box at Progressive Field, Great spot for making it on to the television broadcast, Close to a cluster of bars near the outfield seating, Good opportunity to socialize while watching the game, Some of the most affordable tickets in the outfield, Great views down to the bullpens from the lower numbered seats, Near unique Progressive Field attractions just beyond center field, Great angle to the impressive left field videoboard, Excellent views of the players taking and leaving the field, Beyond the protective netting for clear views to home plate, Excellent proximity to the infield and Indians dugout, Good seating angle facing towards the heart of the diamond, Prime lower level views without being behind the netting, Good seating height and angle to the infield, Near the top of sections where overhead coverage is more plentiful, Comfortable natural sight lines with minimal head turning, More affordable option on the lower seating tier, Scout style viewing position from behind home plate, Higher in the section where netting becomes less of a distraction, Near straight away perspective to the infield and impressive videoboard, Front rows provide clearer views down the right field line, Viewing angles into the Indians dugout and to the left field videoboard.