For those who haven’t seen it, suggested reading along these lines in brief can be seen here: with a hideously deformed Negro and A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. Better breeding of humans would take place in one of two ways: "positive eugenics," in which people of superior breeding stock would recognize their moral obligation to perpetuate their kind. It was based on the notion that human beings could actively employ evolutionary concepts to create better people and societies. "You wouldn't expect a moron to run a train, or a feebleminded woman to teach school ..." explains a pamphlet published by the Human Betterment League. However, eugenic ideology found fertile ground across the Atlantic in the United States. I have also encountered many primitive whites over the years, who don’t have seem to have intelligent genes. When all seven colours meet together they create white. Eugenics has nothing to do with “prejudice,” as our enemies allege. If Blacks and Whites engage in miscegenation, the mulatto progeny will have characteristics of both races. Mai 2020 | Ceiberweiber, Vaccination and Domination | Conservative News and Views, Vaccination and Domination - Dr. Rich Swier, Vaccination and Domination |, Vaccination And Domination – Trevor Loudon's New Zeal Blog, A White Mother's Attempt to Find Unity Amidst a Great Divide » Soaring Revelations, Guess who Depopulation globalist Melinda Gates is pushing to target first with their experimental COVID-19 vaccine? Nothing mysterious about cases such as Heidi Klum: Jewish propaganda, brainpoisoning of White women, the demonization of White men. Simply put, the board was basically concerned with sex outside marriage and taxpayer money. State legislators rewrote the law in 1933 establishing the five-member Eugenics Board of North Carolina. As we have seen, Blacks are genetically primitive humans, who have evolved a lesser distance away from our ape LCA (last common ancestor). For decades the board operated quietly and efficiently under the auspices of eugenic science and human bettermenteven after World War II ended and the world started to grasp the horrors of the Holocaust. Consider those women who marry violent criminals while they are in prison for instance, or women driven by anger to defile anything sacred to society. Somehow, the N.C. Eugenics Board didn't see the connection. H.G Wells, Margaret Sanger, Bernard Shaw, John Maynard Keynes, Justice Holmes were all eugenicists. None of these do a bloody thing to actually create a civilization and keep it moving forward. What have you done to overcome him? brought out mongrelized offspring. If they could be convinced that future children would not cost undue taxpayer money or that sexual activity outside marriage could be restrained, they would spare the intended sterilization victim. If you are stating that Heidi Klum is a deviant for An Early Christian Who May Have Had a Good Idea. The Will to Nothingness, Activism and Alliance-Building • Good Opportunity to Promote, Achieving Self-Determination • Bitchute Announcement, Introduce Yourself! North Carolina schoolteachers were instructed on what to look for in a feebleminded student. Dr. John C. Dorhauer’s “Open Letter to White Men in America”,, Fighting for What Is Right: A Conversation With Will Williams and David Duke, part 1, Rampant Tyranny: Nationalist Leaders Being Imprisoned Across Europe, Slovakia: Leader of Nationalist Party Sentenced to Four Years for Giving 1,488-Euro Checks to Poor Families, Lady Michele Renouf to Face Trial in Dresden for Criticizing Allied Firebombing, Poland: Jews Alarmed as Przemysław Czernek Becomes Education and Science Minister, The Freedom to Flourish vs. That is the whole problem with blacks. A national Eugenics Record Office was established in 1910 to collect pedigrees of families suspected of carrying defective genes, and several organizations were formed to promote the study and practice of eugenics. Nature’s finest manifestement will clearly unfold within the consciousness of the Racially Aware White Mind. Whites are adroit technically, and their civilization (Western civilization) is fundamentally a technical one. The number of sterilization procedures spiked and continued for the next two decades. He was the “trust buster,” the man who gave us a “Square Deal,” the conservationist who created the US Forest Service and the National Wildlife Refuge System, and the first American winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906. I would like to underline that a positive attitude towards eugenics is a touchstone for being real White nationalist. So Nature’s will has the unique ability to self reflect upon her deeds and awareness of her Eternal plans through Our White Minds. RADIO, The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID-19 – TOTT News – Western PA News, What if the vaccine is about population control | Forsooth's Weblog, America's Civil War Rising | Bill Gates admits that the vaccines are the "best way" for human depopulation + The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID-19 - America's Civil War Rising, COVID-19: The Roots of Mis-Leadership - Thought for Food, De Prooooofis in Fooooren oder quotierte Experten | Kopfgrippe, The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID-19 |, Bill Gates ramps up Australian vaccine efforts |, Bill Gates ramps up Australian vaccine efforts | The Crazz Files, The Corona Diaries (24): 10. Beyond Beyoncé there are many blacks that have a gifted vocal range and dancing rhythm, athletic ability, and talents that seem unique to them as a race. What is the ape to man? These organizations would sponsor "Better Babies" and "Fitter Families" contests at state fairs across the country. “All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man? Scary stories about degenerate family linessometimes completely fabricatedwere widely disseminated. – Bilgiler, Gobierno de Colombia se decide por el mecanismo COVAX de Bill Gates para vacuna de organismos genéticamente modificados: clave del Neocolonialismo Sanitario. It continued even after infamous words from the U.S. Supreme Court affirming forced sterilizations were quoted back by a Nazi eugenicist during the Nuremburg trials. – Covid 19 Information, What is in the CV-19 Vaccine and Why 7-22-20 | The Garden Lady of Georgia, PRICK: Bill Gates’ agenda – BulletPointBlank, Bill Gates i spółka – The Global Awakening Movement, Apocalyps 2020: De Mens Ontwaakt in de Coronadictatuur – Parallel Heimat, MENTAL NOTE #74: IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED YET, OR IF YOU LIVE IN A CAVE, without MEDIA ACCESS, THE ‘CONVID’ VÏŖŰS IS ABOUT MASS POPULATION CONTROL! These talented blacks seem to defy the primitive genetics. North Carolina's elite was able to use its power, money and influence to create a climate conducive to a rapid acceleration of the state's sterilization program against the poor and the powerless. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $1.56 billion to the alliance’s 2016-2020 strategic period as of March 2019, and continues to advise the group on key business decisions. Streamlining the schedule and dosing of vaccines. Either as a survival strategy or biology. Mated North Carolina was somewhat slow to embrace the movement, enacting its first sterilization law in 1929. But the general situation in which we are involved is lamentable." Mulattos resent the fact that they can never be White, and must accept a lower status as a kind of Black. New institutions within an entirely new order will need to be built in order to orient an entire society towards this facet, there’s no reforming the old, thoroughly corrupted ones. You can be assured that Georgia: Man Who Filmed Arbery-McMichael Incident Charged With Murder by Black Prosecutor, Evangelical Lutheran Church Creates Child-Grooming App, The People's Commissar of Health Equality, Pew Study: Vast Majority of Whites Are Resisting Racial Mixing, Dinesh D'Souza Admits that Republicans Supported Eugenic Sterilization, Intimations of Cosmotheism: Aviation, the Cosmos, and the Future of Man, • Do not use crude or obscene language — absolutely, Yes, I have seen the phrase, “beyond good and evil” once in the Dham…, ”—that is troubling to me.” And to Nietzsche as well. Didn;t even have a wheel or… Read more ». Thus, Whites who have mulatto children create enemies of Whites, including themselves, another reason for Whites to oppose miscegenation. In 1947 all that changed when the Human Betterment League of North Carolina was formed. It continued even after it was learned that Nazi Germany had patterned its forced sterilization program after the one implemented in California and outlined in the text Applied Eugenics and that Adolf Hitler had pored over American eugenic texts while he was in prison. Although eugenics may have started out as a serious science, and elements of it would later shift to the valuable studies of genetics and heredity, the ideology was hijacked by people who knew little about the science and needed a reason to justify their own prejudices. A clearer picture of the true concern for North Carolina eugenic promoters comes from the meeting minutes of the Eugenic Board. And because the U.S. was not a cohes…, I sympathize with at least one aspect of the Negro experience in this country. Negro ‘Seal,’ then I would be inclined to agree Yorumlarda şarkı sözleri / kaynaklar. For every sterilization, then, another 40 continue to "pour defective genes into the State's bloodstream to pollute and degrade future generations.". With the rising influx of immigrants after 1890, increased urbanization and related social ills, people needed a promise of stability and a better future. I think you have to read more of this site, probably using the Search function, to gain some background information on race that is largely censored outside of closed sessions of Academia. In defense of eugenics, Helen Keller wrote “Our puny sentimentalism has caused us to forget that a human life is sacred… or has been rejected by a White man, resulting in a deep hatred of all White men, or the Black man may be rich and/or famous (e.g.. Tiger Woods, O.J. Modular, automated manufacturing platforms enabling small-batch vaccine production. I enjoyed your article and look forward to getting more familiar with more of them. It should come as no surprise that someone belonging to one of the intellectually superior races discovered this fact and revealed it to others. The rediscovery of Gregor Mendel's papers on selective pea plant breeding lent an air of scientific credibility to eugenic theory. A few years ago, the remains of an ancient girl in northern Asia who was literally 50% Neanderthal and 50% Denisovan, so these various species were mixing as recently as ten or twenty thousand years ago. Eugenics traces its roots back to the late 19th century when Britain's Sir Francis Galton coined the term from the Greek root meaning "good in birth," wrote Daniel Kevles in his book In the Name of Eugenics. However, I am also genuinely confused as to how there are so many talented and accomplished blacks, whether they have a white admixture or not. For four years my message has been: “The meaning of life is God’s self-realization in Aryan people.” That is the divine imperative. A awakening toward self betterment, racial betterment, not crude stagnation… Read more », “Most mixed race breeding occurs at the margins” The margins are becoming more extreme as beaten self defeated white men become less like men and more like fagots – weaker and or more feminine. "Yet each day the feebleminded and the mentally defective are entrusted with the most important and far reaching job of all... the job of PARENTHOOD!