[Top 10] MTG Arena Best Historic Decks That Wreck Hard! ... With AetherHub's MTG Arena Deck Tracker This week’s FNM at Home format for MTG Arena is Historic! The Latest Standard BO1 top performing deck lists. November 19, 2020. [Top 5] MTG Arena Best Decks to Farm Gold Just like typical paper MTG, Arena is also highly pay-to-win. Best analysis of the current Standard BO1 meta. The game gives you the chance to get cards through the reward system, allowing you to trade-in wildcards for specific cards, however, most parts rely on microtransactions for you to be able to build a decent deck. The historic metagame at present is dominated by a lot of different tribal decks and old archetypes. It is definitely becoming like the modern scene and we’re probably just waiting for a Historic version of Infect and Dredge decks. By clicking on the ads on the page you support the site to continues free to use and you contribute to the economic costs derived from the maintenance of the server, in addition to … Only includes decks with high win rates ... Standard BO1 Traditional Standard Standard Events Historic BO1 Traditional Historic Historic Events Brawl Pioneer Modern Legacy Vintage Commander. Contribute to MTG Arena Top All the basic features in MTGArenaTop are free to use .