Usnea lichen does not cause any harm to the trees it grows on and, in fact, usnea lichen in landscapes can add a moody and interesting visual element. Show All Show Tabs Florida beard lichen Usnea florida (L.) F.H. Usnea florida. Like it’s Florida relative, this lichen has medicinal properties, is high in Vitamin C, and in a pinch can be … Wigg. The difference is that R. stenospora does not have white striations. When well-developed this is one of the most conspicuous and beautiful of all lichens. Description & Identification. This lichen grows slowly and is … Does Usnea Lichen Harm Plants? Key Characteristics: This is a fruticose lichen with numerous perpendicular branchlets. synonyms. Common Name(s) Flowery lichen, witches beard. Usnea barbata. Usnea Florida This patch of Usnea , though very similar to the same type found in Florida (aptly named Usnea Florida ), is unique to the Appalachians. Usnea strigosa Habitat: In NATL, this species is found on fallen branches in mesic and hydric habitats; it is abundant along the SEEP Trail. Usnea florida. Usnea filipendula and U. hirta are the beard lichens that grow mostly in the north of the UK Credit: Alastair Hotchkiss / WTML The bushy Usnea florida can be found in well-wooded parts of southern and southwest England, Wales and the Welsh Marches, and northern England and Scotland. If you have usnea in your yard or garden, consider yourself lucky.