was written in ink in CD’s hand over heavily erased text written in pencil by CD. with a scold, & then insisting upon giving me a kiss as reconciliation. Charles Darwin Marriage and Children. nearly 3. She seemed to wish to excite the emotion again & went on saying Poor Mamma Poor Mammy. Come into break(fast). Not only did Darwin travel around the world, there were a lot of places that were very special to him in the UK – why not explore them next in Darwin’s Places? July 5th. This is curious, considering the wondrous number of strange noises, & stranger grimaces I have made at him, & which he has always taken as good joke. 53, 58, 96, Notebook N, pp. Stared much at uncoloured engravings at Gower St.[33] & even at small miniature. I have no doubt this rolling of the eyes is connected with a tendency for them to turn upwards & inwards as in sleep. Now her phraseology is quite peculiar. That one is not painted. [58] Betley Hall, home of the Tollet family. Many of them and their grandchildren … 29 Jan 26th. Whenever she hurts herself when we are present Willy appears not to mind, & sometimes makes a great noise as if to distract our attention but when they were alone the other day it was quite different. L. I don’t know— a pause— Yes very awfully I think I have. So it was thanks to the fortunate meeting of the children's play with their father's science that these extremely rare manuscripts of the Origin of Species (4 pages), Origin Portfolios type notes (2 notes), Cirripedia (9 pages), Orchids (1 page) were preserved. Papa “Oh Lenny what have you been doing? [39] Anny was to day March 1st 1842 rather amused, at a wafer sticking first to one hand & then to the other as she tried to disengage it & I remember Doddy about the same age, grew frantic with passion at a bit of wet paper thus sticking to his fingers— Anny has infinitely less observation & animation— She now hardly understands a person coming up behind her when she is standing in front of the Glass, & looking at her image— She perceived her image in the polished case of my watch.—. Another day Franky said all in a glow “I do so like you Georgy do you like me? Blast off with the stellar new book by astronaut Tim Peake! Willy then seemed to find it rather melancholy & said. He first attempted to comfort her very nicely & then said he would call Bessy & she not being in sight his fortitude gave way & he began to cry also. 2, Appendix III). When getting in a passion, which he often does—the blood gushing into whole skin scalp of head, is almost the very first symptom— I cannot well distinguish. [14], Six weeks old & 3 days, Emma saw him smile—not only with his lips, but eyes.— Thinks he directed his eyes towards her face & after looking at her attentively, smiled—, Annie smiled about the same time  Henrietta smiled at 3 weeks & Mrs Locke says a fortnight[15], I have never yet seen him fix his eyes at anything, except light:— does not know my face or knuckle from bosom.—.