What Is Extra Añejo Tequila? Golf balls are close to maxed out on distance. How difficult was it to get a player—especially a former Masters champion—to sign on? Offers may be subject to change without notice. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reveal Heavily Teased Collaboration and ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Aren’t Happy. Ed Brown is not a well-known name in golf industry circles but, as the saying goes, give him time. Despite its color, gold tequila is rarely aged. Joe Perez Spent Eight Years Working for Kanye West and Now He’s Revealing His Donda Archive. It is also known as gold tequila because of the golden or rich light brown color that the liquor has because of flavoring agents such as sugar, glycerin, oak tree extracts, and caramel coloring before bottled. The golf ball is an important piece of equipment for the better player. Want something besides tequila? 1. If you do that and you’re consistent with your messaging and you never have to apologize for your product, you put yourself in a good position. This brown tequila is aged (“añejo”) one to three years in small barrels that often come from bourbon or whiskey distilleries. I thought it would be easy, because I know so many of them. Extra añejo is aged more than three years, and it is the most expensive tequila option. Tequila comes in an abundant array of colors that ranges from a simple clear distilled beverage to a dark amber brown. Some companies will age their spirits in barrels that have been used for other alcohols, like whiskey, wine, or scotch. Garry started telling me about the golf ball and he sent some to me and I thought it was a great golf ball. Join Facebook to connect with Tequila Brown and others you may know. Graeme McDowell is a good friend of mine and we play in the AT&T; and Dunhill Links each year, and a couple years ago we made the cut at the AT&T.; Añejo is aged for at least one year (but less than three years), giving it a gold or light brown color compared to the others. Tequila Herradura is known for innovating in the tequila category. View the profiles of people named Tequila Brown. "I wanted to channel that into Rosaluna—and do so in a way that is fun and inviting—working as a Creative Director for the past 15 years has all been channeled into this project in some way or another - be it the physical product or through experience, or social, or digital. Consumers will pay a little bit more because they want to have something somebody else doesn’t. Paul had asked me to play golf and he was one of the ambassadors for Clear. This type of tequila hasn’t been on the market as long as the others; it was only given an official classification in 2005, though distillers had been making their own batches of this extra special spirit long before the world knew about it. And while Patrón is a consumable, you know that you’re going to be able to enjoy the entire bottle. Gold tequila is typically a mixto tequila and usually served best for mixed drinks such as margaritas since it is less expensive. I didn’t push him, though. REPOSADO TEQUILA: This tequila is known as “aged” or “rested.” Regulated by the Mexican government, reposado tequila is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two months, but less than a year after being distilled. I didn’t really like the logo or the packaging but that wasn’t really mine to say at the time. Fair enough. All tequilas are made by distilling the juice of the blue agave plant. Tequila Herradura Legend is a unique Añejo tequila aged in new, heavily charred and grooved American White Oak barrels. The more complex the tequila gets (i.e. Tequila Herradura Directo foregoes the barrel aging process to preserve a fresh, youthful tequila flavor straight from the still. Proto 4 is the ball Charl plays and Proto 1 is the ball we developed for Justin Rose. The Mexican government states that to be considered añejo, the tequila can only rest in oak barrels with a maximum capacity of 600 liters. Its deep copper color and rounded taste sets our Reposado apart, along with its signature aroma of spices. There’s something cool about having a different ball than everyone else in your foursome.