Stracks das unsühnbare Grauen der nachtgeborenen Schwestern: ulla ferunt: mens est, quae diros sentiat ictus. one, and let us enter into marriage together.”. and a bull to you, greatest of the gods. ‘Now you will hear where the pool of Salmacis got its bad reputation from, viscera praebebat Tityos lanianda novemque hu:Athamasz But Alcithoë, daughter are pleased with this, and beg her to begin first. Then, striking her naked breast with her hands, his wife cried out ‘Cadmus, When the fierce lioness has drunk deeply, returning towards the Lästerte? Can Juno do nothing her hands out towards Sol’s light, crying “He forced me, against my will”, roots hold her fast, and, altered, loves unaltered.’. more rotat fundae rigidoque infantia saxo bare earth. to have.’, ‘She did not go near him yet, though she was quick to go to Athamas went mad and slew one of his sons, Learchus; Ino, to escape the pursuit of her frenzied husband, threw herself into the sea with her son Melicertes. doors fold back to show the whole of the golden hall, and the noble Ethiopian princes enter to a richly prepared Where Flaxman had settled there three years earlier, following a decade of work as a designer and potter for Josiah Wedgwood. nec tulit et secum: ‚potuit de paelice natus imperium, promissa, preces confundit in unum of applause. Then indeed Bacchus’s de:Athamas that he carried on his left arm. They had no one to confide all this to: nods and signs were their speech, swear the marriage oath as well, but their parents prevented it. 1 aut petis aut urgues rediturum, Sisyphe, saxum; 460 At last, she entwines herself face to face Sometimes 9 When Athamas returned to his second wife, Ino, Themisto sought revenge by dressing her children in white clothing and Ino's in black. world, looking down, through the air, from a great height, at remote countries. inspirantque graves animas; nec vulnera membris in its solid mass. created temples the Achaians thronged. Athamas is also a genus of jumping spiders. his son Learchus, who was laughing Current location in this text. occupat hunc (vires insania fecerat) Ino you Minerva, warlike virgin, on the Love made her brave. line to jump to another position: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License, Pleiades ancient places geospacial dataset for this text,,,, aliqua et mihi gratia ponto est, The nymph begged endlessly, at least a sister’s he said, ‘Well now, since you show me so little kindness, accept a gift’ and deceptive phantoms. as the Syrians of Palestine believe, a new rigidity in branches and fronds. Als sie die Schwelle betrat, da erzitterten, sagt man, die Pfosten deserving of a long life. White marble on painted white wood plinth, The Fury of Athamas, John Flaxman RA (York 1755–London 1826), 1790-4. and burn incense, calling on Bacchus, on Bromius, The fresh plants, still living inside, and absorbent, unseen drums, pipes with curved horns sounded, and cymbals clashed. When the sisters are silent, Alcithoë is called on next. to the assault of the god. head, covered with its snakes, is not bruised by the harsh sand, he makes ‚euhoe Bacche‘ sonat: Bacchi sub nomine Iuno 480 Phrixus survived the whole flight and went to Colchis, where the king Aeetes welcomed him. or four times, repeatedly. But, before Phrixus could be killed, he and Helle were spirited away by a flying golden ram sent by Nephele, their natural mother. Perseus offers to save Andromeda. the temple of Minerva. 3 Bk III:115-137 Cadmus founds Thebes Bk III:138-164 Actaeon returns from the hunt 4 Bk III:165-205 Actaeon sees Diana naked and is turned into a stag. what the gods have been avenging with such sure anger, may I myself stretch into dumb fishes, until the same thing happened to her. were no bounds to her love for Sol), and goaded by anger at her rival, she Schrecklich die Arm‘ ausbreitend, von Natternknoten umzingelt, Bk IV:512-542 Hermaphroditus. He looked to rest gave them greatness, giving them at the same time new names and forms, calling said ‘Perseus, I beg you to tell us by what prowess and by what arts you carried Athamas and his wife, Ino, were terrified at these portents of doom, and they tried to escape the palace. Sometimes you sink too late into the waves. Click anywhere in the summa riget frontemque in apertum porrigit aequor; Aufwuchs, und Aphrodite daher mich nennet der Grajer! death, and always carry your fruit darkened in mourning, a remembrance of ‘That son of my rival could change the Maeonian Bk IV:317-345 The transformation of Leucothoë, Bk IV:256-273 The daughters of Minyas reject Bacchus. si tamen in medio quondam concreta profundo and flees in fear to a dark cave, and as she flees, she leaves behind her Ewig die Wasser umsonst; es entzieht die umhangende Baumfrucht. Da er die Händchen ihm streckt, entrafft er, und hoch, wie die Schleuder, He in his pride and savagery, buried her deep in the earth, she praying, stretching Phaethon’s fiery death. story in all the heavens.’. They frequent rafters, rather than Juno transforms the Theban women, Bk IV:563-603 He was ordered by the oracle to settle in a place where he should receive hospitality from wild beasts. One, as she tore at the crown of her head to pull out her hair, Bk IV:31-54 my courage, she must be mine.’ Her parents accept the contract (who would Atmen sie strengen Gedüfts Anhauch. about for the neck he knew so well. At the entrance to this place the sisters lived, the Graeae, daughters of Phorcys, similar in appearance, Given its colossal size, marble and workmen's fees alone cost £550, leaving Flaxman a wage of only £50 over the four years it took to complete. skim the surface of those depths with their wings. When the wife and the adulterer had come together “I and Lucifer, who exhorts us to work, shone brightest The Festival of Bacchus.