Add a handful of dried cherries to a bottle of Tito’s for a pop of color and an even better pop of flavor in your next drink. The name was changed but not the recipe. The name was changed but not the recipe. The aroma is cherry and vodka. It builds to a lightly tart cherry peak before fading with a mild mouth warming and vodka flavor. Warning: The cherries are very strong after a few months, so eat responsibly. Smirnoff® Cherry vodka (ABV: 35% and price:$13 / 750 Ml) was previously known as the Black Cherry Twist. The sweet cherry entry while sweet, is not over sweet. It is among their forty-two flavors created with the help of recipe twenty-one vodka acting as a base. Just wait a few days before sipping, so you let the sweetness really infuse. This is a vodka that is smooth enough to drink on the rocks and flavorful enough to make a tasty cocktail. Natural cherry flavor is then added. Serve over ice with Sierra Mist® or Sprite® to cut liquor strength. A fun way to make your own cherry-infused liquor dessert drink. Tart cherries are the real 'star' of this recipe.