As for myself, I refuse to dirty my hands with your perfidy as my citizenship is no longer of this world. ———————-, The word hilarity did a double take, and then truth sorted it, and relaxing joy to see that nonsense sliced and diced. Drop it like there’s a box underneath it. One of the conditions of the discussion is precisely separating this. by this notion I’ll include, for the sake of brevity, all types of non-heterosexuality, or rather. for changing social norms to communist norms. which is about respecting the right to be different. is an argument determining definitely the veracity of the statement. It exists, but you don’t have permission to see it, or you need to. is a summary of the new concept of the Consensus Truth. Sept. 2019 …. inability to discover and describe them) is resulting in probabilistic description of quantum phenomena (this is my wording so I apologize for any imprecise verbiage). As it’s easy to guess that the reference point for the argumentation. But outside of the possibility, of an emotional Discourse lies a rational explanation. The discourse, is the reference point for itself and establishes, its own discourse ethic. I would disagree that “Truth of all kinds is statistical”. relationships between these “variables” – and only our ignorance of their hidden mechanisms (i.e. As I mentioned before, in the Consensus it’s NOT about an ACCEPTANCE, of a solution reached in a compromise, but about the recognition — as one’s OWN —. and his Consensus Concept of the Truth emerged. Gender isn’t working as it has been shown that the drugs involved in the gender modification has resulted in more than 6,000 deaths. when those NEW RULES end up being recognized by the society as the NORM. What is presented here, very briefly, the Neo-Marxist conception. One white liberal professor at the hearing started misquoting Candace and putting words in her mouth. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. 4 min. It goes far beyond the frame of traditional tolerance. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling: It would seem from the above discourse that Marxism, in all of its iterations, is the weapon that is being used to lay siege to Judeo-Christian culture and society. white privilege] and [Symbolic] Violence, [all the actions of the ‘privileged’] was researched and described, by the French Marxist Pierre Bourdieu in his 1975 book. following other norms, and has to have a different goal. This means that the word “noumena” used by Kant, the objective world that is really out there, and not influenced by our subjective view (which is hopelessly affected by our sense organs) AND our subjective world and feelings and thoughts about the noumena, all have to be a subset of the universe, and are all statistical. of the German army in WW1. Our knowledge of the truth or falsity of any particular proposition may be uncertain. designate “discussion”. It loses its hard meaning. Such an approach is therefore, contrary to the idea of consensus. The consensus reached in that process isn’t reached by presenting better arguments, but rather by pressuring everyone to abandon their own views and adhere to the consensus. Particles are just quanta of the fields. not ACCEPTING, but LOVING Big Brother] The prerequisite of the very adherence, The prerequisite for participation in the Discourse is the renunciation of the conviction of the legitimacy of one’s position [not of having it, but of what it says], because it precludes the willingness to reach a consensus, to the discourse is the renunciation of conviction about the objective. splitting hairs, it’s worth underlining here the importance of this aspect. juxtaposition of nature and culture, freedom and coercion, and the blaming of the culture and Catholicism for, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, or equating the culture, with all types of pathologies. Sexual orientation didn’t work as even the homosexuals valued the privacy of their intimate relations. Ava Lon, who translated the video from the Polish, includes this introduction: The following video shows seven minutes of a longer video, from Krzysztof Karon — the very Polish writer who informed us about Altiero Spinelli and his role in the creation of the EU. as the truth and accepted as truth by all its participants. links Christian culture with Nazism and the Holocaust is reinforced. The result is propaganda on the part of the victor that makes the victor look good and competent and the defeated as the source of the trouble in which the victor was forced to intervene. Will we be able to derive a more graphic picture of the universe eventually? as objectively legitimate, puts him immediately. The truth is the predictions of the quantum theory, as borne out by not only experiments, but by the smart phones and miniature computers (basically the same thing) you use every day. Attacking poverty didn’t work as the defenses were shorn up with public assistance. When translated into normal language it means that, the truth is that what — during the discourse — is being presented. by the Left means the possibility of dictating to society. Who knows? which is, in itself, a testimony of the cultural domination of Marxism. TM + © 2020 Vimeo, Inc. All rights reserved. According to Habermas, the veracity or falsehood of a statement — while there are no objective. In this process. Discourse Theory, whose goal is consensus, creates its own space in which a vital role is being played by the notions, The goal of the Communicative Action and the Communicative Rationality is Consensus. as the result of the Discursive Consensus. This includes the federal government not providing standards or certification bodies. While it does point out the shortcomings of the Judeo-Christian ethic in which it apparently falls short of the standards that Moses and then later Jesus proclaimed, it does not offer any assistance or solutions but rather calls for the destruction of the Judeo-Christian ethic, society and culture and then replacement with itself even though it offers no solutions but only points out faults and shortcomings of what it is criticizing. In this endeavor, It was necessary not so much to question the very idea of the social norm —, because it’s not a sufficient reason to reject it —, but to show that the SOCIAL NORM IS THE SOURCE OF OPPRESSION AND SOCIAL INJUSTICE. This is the nature of real truth, connection between philosophy or what is said, and reality. Very well then, have the barbaric hordes as your new citizens and the consequences that are being visited upon you as they slaughter the citizens who once defended your realm. So yes, the siege of the “Gates of Vienna” (had to say that, grin) from without was unsuccessful except for the damage it did to the resolve of the inhabitants of the city as neither the Rohirrim nor the Polish rode to the rescue. That train done left the station decades ago. …The Problem with the Transition to Post-Conventional Morality… You can upload videos to Vimeo directly from Dropbox! The video below is the third in a series about Marxist discourse by the Polish video commentator Krzysztof Karon (Previously: Part 1, Part 2). [if you’re confused already, please keep in mind that 2+2=4, no matter how you say it, in what language, and how poor your grammar might be]. And the notion of “god” written. And the reference point for evaluating competing views, was knowledge about the reality, [which was] treated as. If we are unable to construct a verbal or graphic description of quantum mechanics, but have to relay on equations and statistical description, the concept of truth is not weakened. With true alternatives available, authoritarian institutions or even states will simply lose customers. its opponents; it means that they adopted Marxist language. as [the group] the most in conflict with social norms. of Communicative Rationality and the Communicative Ethic. called The Theories of the Truth. I’m not going to tell you this story — it’s been described very well before in detail —. and therefore the most exposed to oppression. Marxist Discourse: Abolishing the Norm. which accelerated the process of decriminalization of homosexuality. Of the ’70s, when Western societies were benefiting from the advantages of the welfare state, most of the anti-system postulates of the Left lost their raison d’être. And finally also on the buckles of Hitler’s army. This gets us away from postmodernism because if truths are all statistical we really can’t even use the word truth. The entire video is about the semantic changes put forth by the — as he calls them — Neo-Marxists, in order to appropriate the language, the debate and finally be able to create the narrative. It’s logical. or even the AFFIRMATION of the result of the Consensus. in the position of the ENEMY OF CONSENSUS or the sower of discord, uses the notion of ‘discourse’ instead of ‘discussion’ or agrees. Premiered in the past day, (21st?) Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this video: It has been said that one of the spoils of victory is the writing of the history of the conflict to where the victor is the source of the truth. Well it wasn’t long before Candace Owens got the mic again. were established by Habermas together with a longtime collaborator Karl-Otto Apel. In the case of Classical Marxism it meant the necessity. And because we are talking about, nuances determining the result of the Discourse, the fact of whether. which prepared the withdrawal of American troops, was signed. Therefore, a discussion about social life has to be organized. Cultural Marxists should be allowed a paying position at educational institutions, but they should not be allowed to grade students, teach required courses, vote in committees, or write letters of recommendation on university letterheads. and of deviation from the norm, but which DOESN’T QUESTION THE NORM ITSELF. process of the discourse, or the process during which the truth is being established. and then in 1975, when all of Vietnam fell under communist rule. The answer, however, is simple: what is decisive about it is, which party succeeded in prompting the other party. Only [the arrival of] the Ethic of the Discourse gave sexual minorities, not only the right to demand the recognition of the acceptability, of their behavior, but to — although not in a very consequential way —, Under the Ethic of the Discourse, everybody who excludes the possibility of, the recognition of the rights of homosexuals as decisive, is — by definition —, a SOWER OF DISCORD AND HATE. demanding ipso facto that the statement be recognized as true. Communicative Rationality is a principle of thinking, whose point is consensus. The body count. supporting different positions cannot be reality.