By Kenza Moller. From a high school quarterback faced with his girlfriend's unexpected pregnancy to watching his beloved teenage daughter leave home for college years later, this song captures the roller coaster of emotions fatherhood can bring. Get out the tissues though, Ms. Underwood stated that it’s so emotional for her that you’ll probably never hear her sing it live. And she thinks we're just fishin', They grow fast, one day she's ya little princess My heart beats so damn quick when you say my name Did we miss your favourite? Zac Brown's ballad is about his own dad, Jim Brown, and a dad-like mentor, Rodney Shelton, according to Billboard. Country Living editors select each product featured. The arrangement is dramatic, the melody is beautifully rangy, and the lyrics are like an arrow through the heart. I found myself gasping a little after hearing it (in a good way – if there’s such a thing). (Lyrics) ‘She calls me Raymond, thinks I’m her son, tells me ‘get washed up for supper before your daddy gets home’ – Take a minute and watch this heartfelt video. Where there was pain now there's joy We reserve the right to close comments at any time. Originally written by Cat Stevens, this song was released in the late 1960s. Randy even notes he thought his dad's cowboy hat was an angel's halo. One of me with you, Each day I feel so blessed to be looking at you I say that only because I would rather go through the aging process, difficulties, and all without my children having to feel a sense of pain, loss, and the burdens of added responsibility. The song famously plays during the end credits of the movie "Knocked Up." What would returning to school be without that fourth “r”—romance. As a parent, even the seemingly mundane moments can be so meaningful. It’s the second song on the above Playlist. Loudon Wainwright has written multiple songs about parenthood -- including "Rufus Is A Tit Man" and "Five Years Old" -- but "Daughter" is actually a cover of a tune by Peter Blegvad. That’s How I Wanna Go Out by Deric Ruttan, Country Songs about Best Friends Falling in Love, Top 10 Songs in Country Music on iTunes in the USA, Happy Anywhere (feat. The reflections are of an elderly wife moving out of their family home after the passing of her husband. Charlie Puth) - Gabby Barrett, Top 10 Country Music Songs on iTunes in Canada. For anyone who has lost a father, this song is especially poignant, reflecting on moments you wish you had your father's help. All rights reserved, An Anti-Oppression Craft To Help Kids Love Themselves And Others, Pair This Maze With This Podcast For Afternoon Fun, Here’s A Game and A Podcast to Help When Kids Are Bored, If You Need a Break From Your Kids For Five Minutes, Try This, My Autistic Daughter Creates Worlds That Welcome People Like Her, Visiting My Mother in Long Term Care Made Me Long for Her Touch, I Watched a New Show About Sex for Teens — Here’s Why I’d Show It To My Kids, This Is A TikTok-Free House, And My Tweens Won’t Be Getting Accounts Anytime Soon, Pirate Treasure Pancakes for Weekend Breakfast, How Pizza Can Be Used to Get Kids Talking About Their Feelings, 20 easy-to-prepare snacks when you haven’t had a free moment in weeks. Some of these songs, like John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy" and Billy Joel's "Lullabye,” are odes from dads to their children. A young girl lets her stepfather into her heart in this song from Martell's underrated debut album. Required fields are marked *. It’s so moving; it’s been given its full-page emotion-review. Country Father Daughter Dance Songs. Ricky kindly takes you back to those—sometimes scary—moments. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Let’s be honest, going back to school isn’t just about reading, ‘riting and…’rithmatic. There is no greater inspiration for music than love, and that includes the love a parent has for their child. Share. ©2018 CBC/Radio-Canada. They say the coolest playas and foulest heartbreakers in the world "He never said he loved me / Guess he thought I knew," sings Reba, describing an entire generation of fathers who were raised to not tell their children "I love you." One of the most powerful country songs about grandparents and aging is ‘When You Are Old‘ by Martina McBride. We've listed them in alphabetical order. That’s How I Wanna Go Out by Deric Ruttan, Country Songs about Best Friends Falling in Love, Top 10 Songs in Country Music on iTunes in the USA, Happy Anywhere (feat. It doesn’t matter that we’re all headed in this direction, the truth is, bearing witness may be more complicated than going through it. '&https=1' : ''); But when it pours, it really rains, so We're all trying our best But I’d rather hold on tight, Slow down Every future father thinks he knows what he'll be like as a parent. Some songs are more from your dad's generation; others maybe more from yours. But you'll both get a kick out of listening to them "together." Even through the tough times, he reminds himself: "It won't be like this for long.". The ultimate ode to Dad, Keith's song is all about understanding in retrospect why his father did things the way he did. Her future husband could be perfect, but forgive him for thinking no boy can be good enough for his little girl.​, Song Lyric: "Your beautiful baby from the outside in / Chase your dreams but always know the road that'll lead you home again". All in the eyes of a boy, A couple years of up all night and a few thousand diapers later Pseudonyms will no longer be permitted. Others are tributes to fathers who have passed away, like Cole Swindell's "You Should Be Here." Livin' might mean takin' chances, but they're worth takin' © Copyright 2020 – One Country. As a daughter who remembers her parents as strong, young and fearless, it’s one of the most grueling parts of life to watch them age, and ultimately become frail. These songs about the parent-child relationship are all about that feeling. These Country Song Lyrics About Children & Parenting Are Incredibly Heartwarming. Chuck's song will instantly resonate with dads of daughters. var isSSL = 'https:' == document.location.protocol; Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. "He Didn't Have To Be" is a tribute to all of the step-dads and other father figures who help raise children. This Brad Paisley song looks at nonbiological fathers and how one man fills the hole in a child's heart. About Us • Contact Us • Privacy Policy • Sitemap. It’s one of the most moving songs you’ll hear. Tim McGraw … This blog post has been Digiproved © 2014-2017 Barbara  (Tremblay) Cipak. (function() { To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). For those whose dads are no longer here, this tune will be a heartwarming reminder of your favorite guy. medianet_height = "20"; Either way, we’ve rounded up the ten raunchiest songs in country music history. Chris Young recalls fixing cars with his old man in this nostalgic tune from. Song Lyric: "That's my job / That's what I do / Everything I do is because of you, to keep you safe with me", The 10 Best Country Tunes about Dads and Fatherhood. Hello my only one, remember who you are medianet_crid = "974451881"; You'll never take enough Faith's voice sounds absolutely angelic in this song. It doesn’t matter that we’re all headed in this direction, the truth is, bearing witness may be more complicated than going through it. })();/*]]>*/, Tags: Country Songs about Aging, Country Songs about Illness, Featured, Your email address will not be published. Billy Joel wrote this beautiful lullaby for his daughter, Alexa Ray. Cole recorded this track after his dad died unexpectedly in 2013. As Paul perfectly puts it, "I notice I walk the way he walks, I notice I talk the way he talks, I'm startin' to see my father in me.". There’s a special place in Heaven for single parents, no matter the reason. In this toe-tapping number, Loretta sings about a dad who's "just one heck of a man that worked for what he got." I knew his life deserved a chance You’ll swallow hard a time or two to fight back the tears with this one. To let you go is the only way to really help you fly We’re betting you were a child once and that’s reason enough to embrace all of these feels. Holly Dunn extolls the virtues of her father and his hard-working hands. Calling all dads: Whenever your little one is just begging to grow up, leave them with this reminder: "You're gonna miss this. The moon and I were talking If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission.