He still needs to shore up some of his offensive weaknesses — particularly against right-handed pitching — and he'll never walk a ton or hit a bunch of homers, but he can still be a very valuable player. He has a big arm as well. He has natural lift in his swing, though he can overswing and get too pull-heavy at times, something he's learning to better control in games. The Cubs dedicated their 2019 signing class in Carlito's memory. Quintero is an offensive-minded catcher with big power from the left side coming from his strong frame. The next man up if the Cubs need a lefty in the bullpen. Apart from a minor blister issue, Darvish looks healthy and happy and poised for a big year and the Cubs absolutely need it in a loaded division. The Cubs continue to say they are searching for veteran catching help, but yet they've spent all winter and now all spring with Caratini firmly entrenched at No. But Brach also has a fairly long history as a reliable high-leverage arm and the Cubs would certainly love to see that continue this year. With the Cubs about to kick off the 2019 season Thursday in Texas, let's run down the most important players on the roster. The Chicago Cubs baseball club is an original member of the National League (1876 to date), established in 1874 or 1870. But he's battled a shoulder injury for the last part of spring and his impact within the locker room will take months to cultivate in any meaningful way. Scouts from other clubs were much more skeptical of Quintero's chances to stay behind the plate due to his receiving skills, though many of those looks are now a couple years old. The "RBI Champion" was Anthony Rizzo (94 RBI), and the "Hit King" was Kris Bryant (153 hits). He's not that big (5-foot-9, 165 pounds) but he's a 70 runner with good defensive instincts and an average arm in center field. Maza (5-foot-10, 150 pounds) can play shortstop or second base with a pair of 55 tools in his speed and arm strength. Signed in the first week of spring training, Cedeno was slowed by a wrist injury. . It's also telling in how far Duensing has fallen. If everything clicks for Quintero, he has a chance to be a catcher who hits in the middle of a lineup. Click it again, greatest to least. He's in the minors now, but he'll be back in Chicago at some point and still figures to have a big impact on this year's team. Update 02/23/2020. While the Cubs put most of their pool money toward Quintero, Made and Altuve, there are a couple sleepers in the class generating some attention. Sortable Hitting Stats for the 2019 Chicago Cubs (click any stat to sort). He has good instincts at the position, charges the ball well and makes accurate throws from different angles. Rosario is a fan favorite after his debut season with the Cubs a year ago and won the final spot in the bullpen this spring. Stevens is a physical specimen at 6-foot-4, 235 pounds and fairly athletic for his size, running a tick above-average underway with plus or better raw power. While Quintero is big and strong already, Made has a wiry, high-waist build (6-foot-1, 160 pounds) with long limbs. One is 17-year-old Venezuelan shortstop Luis Maza, whose father by the same name played 45 big league games with the Dodgers in 2008. One of those signings was Ronnier Quintero, a 17-year-old Venezuelan catcher who trained in the Dominican Republic with Jaime Ramos. copyright=new Date(); plus raw power now that could potentially still rise as he gets into his prime. He's a switch-hitter who can prove more capable with the stick than he showed a year ago and he's developed a nice rapport with Hamels and the pitching staff. This is a perennial MVP candidate who is now fully healthy. And even after Russell returns, Baez may still be the guy that sees most of the time at the most important defensive position on the field. The face of the franchise has been a mainstay in the Cubs offense, the rock that has held down the offense while Baez was developing and then when Bryant was on the shelf last year. All Rights Reserved by Baseball Almanac, Inc.Hosted by Hosting 4 Less. That's especially true if Maddon opts to hit the pitcher 8th and Almora 9th often, as the young centerfielder could then serve as something of a second leadoff hitter. Hits, doubles, triples, home runs, batting averages and more hitting stats are included for every player on the 2019 Chicago Cubs broken down by each hitter. For 2019, here's 15-year-old Ronnier Quintero, a lefthanded-hitting Venezuelan catcher with easy power from left-center over to his pull side. Chicago Cubs Salaries and Contracts. Speed is More's best too. He looked ticketed for that in 2017 before suffering a hamstring injury that August. And how important will Happ be in 2019 even if he is in the minors to start the season? Duensing is owed $3.5 million this year, and the Cubs are willing to eat that salary in a year in which they're strapped for cash and have had to count every penny.