Frequently Asked Questions

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Do You Provide Custom Design Services?

Yes! RailEyes has an amazing creative team to help you with your custom handrail advertising brand campaigns. We also provide design templates if you have a designer you’re already working with.

What designs are available?

Nearly any design is feasible to place on the printed film. Full color printing is available. RailEyes reserves the right to exercise its discretion on the appropriateness of a design, given its code of decency and its contractual obligations with the escalator owner.

Why Haven’t I Seen Escalator and Handrail Ads Before?

Escalator and Handrail Ads haven’t taken root in the US because of regulations that prevented ads on rails. Those regulations were lifted in 2012 and the opportunity for escalator rail ads are now available nationwide. Handrail ads have been extremely popular abroad and are grabbing attention in the US with each new installation.

Advertisers are running out of effective mediums. Paper print is on the decline, billboards are limited and expensive, and television ads can be easily skipped. At the same time, building owners are looking to increase revenue per square foot, improve relations with existing tenants, and reduce maintenance costs.

What is the risk of damage to the escalator handrail?

The RailEyes film is specifically designed with an adhesive which allows for easy, non-damaging installation and removal. We recommend that the film be removed - and, if appropriate, reinstalled - after 30 days of usage.

Is the film safe to use?

The RailEyes film has antimicrobial properties which significantly reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria relative to a standard handrail. In addition, the printed film has been demonstrated to increase the safety of escalator riders by drawing the eyes and hands to the design of the film itself, thus reducing the risk of harming oneself.

How long does the process of installation take?

For a standard escalator, the installation process takes approximately one hour. Removal takes approximately 30 minutes. Our installers are quite flexible in their schedule and are willing to provide installation services at your convenience - including after hours.

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on the project specifics - such as escalator length, accessibility, contractual obligations with the escalator owner, etc. Pricing is in line with other physical advertising media. Please call us for a quote. 832-280-8007

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