Malls Owners Take Note: Escalators, Decor, and Making Money

by Angel Phan and Cecilia Nguyen-Do


Shopping is like a dinner table. There is so much potential for social activity, and the presentation affects the entire experience. Another thing about shopping: it’s so much better in person. There’s just something about perusing around a mall surrounded by bright lights, a mix of people, and new things to see and try that just can’t be beat by the screens at home. This includes advancements inside the mall to make the shopping experience more interactive, notably the immersive experience found at the Apple and Microsoft stores. Another interactive and unique part of the mall, the escalator, provides an experience like no other to get from one level of the mall to another.

Escalators. They have been around for a century but without much advancement. What are they good for besides transporting people up and down a level? We’re here to tell you that there is something new and delightful for escalators. The old, plain, dirty escalator stationed in key locations around the mall has the potential to become a beautiful, safe, and profitable piece of architecture. Most malls generally don’t realize the potential goldmine that they have existing in their facility. Let us introduce you to RailEyes, a company that specializes in escalator handrail advertising.

But wait! Hold up! Why should malls even consider handrail advertisement? After all, you’ve probably never heard of such a thing before.  Well, we’re glad you asked…

  1. We use a special antimicrobial film that is patented and designed to reduce the spread of bacteria. Dirty escalator handrails be gone!
  2. The colorful handrails offer a better visual experience for customers.
    • Especially pragmatic for teaching young children how to ride the escalator and for assisting the elderly on their journey. The film will not only help the cleanliness of the escalator and prevent falls but it will also make the area more aesthetically pleasing.
  3. The film will add color and exciting graphics to a boring black handrail.
    • Many people think that putting advertisement on handrails would make a retail location look ugly and cluttered. However, the film will make black and ugly handrails look like a fabulous and majestic giraffe. The vivid colors of the escalator will cause the ugly duckling to become a swan.
  4. The installation and uninstall is efficient and durable.
    • Installation actually only takes an hour and uninstall takes a total of 15 minutes! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The film lasts for about 2 months, which means 61 days of aesthetic escalators! The film will also not leave residue on the rails.

The overall effect of this technology is to enhance guest experience and provoke further visits. Malls can even put thematic designs during special seasons, such as the winter holidays.

You may think that this sounds pretty good, but what’s in it for you? Well, there are so many revenue opportunities for malls in escalator handrail advertising! For one thing, the mall can get money from companies who want to advertise. Malls can lease out their escalators for potential advertisers to utilize. Another way malls can get revenue is by doing some in-store branding. For example, a Dillard’s could utilize the escalator handrails to advertise Clinique. This will bring customer’s attention to the store, which in turn will generate revenue for both Dillard’s and Clinique.

This time window of the required trip up or down an escalator can be more than a passing 30 seconds from floor to floor; it can be a journey that places advertising directly into the hands of shoppers.

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